Saturday, May 2, 2009

Something We Haven't Discussed Yet.....

........ Do I still have romantic feelings? Oh yes, I sure do, but you know what? I need to get other things "sorted out" first. I don't think I can have a relationship with a woman under these circumstances, and if you were someone interested in me in that way, you wouldn't either.

Yes, I miss loving someone, and I miss being loved back, but what I could give someone right now would be nothing but misery, and thank Og, I know that.

It's one of the few concrete things I do still know.

So in keeping with that theme, here's something I found on YouTube which should give you a laugh. Remember before you click the video, that this entire blog is adult-oriented, okay? Also know that I searched many versions of this tune for you, but these two are just too cute for words. Also, when you watch this? Ask yourself this: Where were their parents??????? Filming? God! :)

Y'all have a great weekend, and I send my love!


The Animal Rescue Site


Beth said...

The was messed up...with a capital F. *LOL*

Bill Craig said...

I know, Hon, but aren't you glad I still have my sense of humor?

Found that sock yet?


Thanks for being my friend, Beth!


Beth said...

I'm Gonna whip you, you know that right? :P *HUGS*