Sunday, May 10, 2009

Re: Post From 4.28.09. Blog About My Shelter

This should have posted on 4.28.09, but I clicked DRAFT instead of PUBLISH, so it didn't get on.

Since then Paulding Humane has slipped to #12 in The Shelter Challenge, but I am still optimistic that we can do this. We have until July 29th, so let's ummmmm.......
"git'er done!" *LOL*

Here again is the link which will take you to the site where you can "feed and vote"

The Animal Rescue Site

There's a place on the site where you can have an e-mail reminder sent to you to click every day, so why not do that and avoid all this bowing and scraping from me? *LOL*

My thanks to my friend and fellow "git-picker", Johnny LA and all the other Straight Dopers for helping us help them!


We're gettin' there! PLEASE do it for the critters! They LOVE us.

Come on Australia! Come on World!

It's NOT their FAULT, and we have to save as many as possible!

WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Anonymous said...

Voted for today!
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