Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Bike Journal Friends......

.... have been truly awesome in their efforts to help me help my shelter pets.

Because of my problems with balancing, I haven't been able to ride my beloved Trek 1000 lately. I am hoping that one of the many meds I am taking will correct that soon, but that's not what I wanted to tell you.....

What I wanted to tell you, is that those wonderful people on Bike Journal wanted to pitch in together and buy me a trike, so I wouldn't have to worry about the balancing.

What a wonderful gesture Fredwina and all the others who were ready to pitch in, and I thank you all SO MUCH for thinking of me so kindly.

But (you knew there was one coming, right? *LOL*)...... I'd much rather that money went to the animals and my shelter, and that is what is going to happen. So Paulding Humane, if you're watching this blog, look for some money coming in soon from my friends at

Also, BJ'ers? Please know that I am fighting this thing tooth and nail, and will till my last dying breath. I'm getting back on the Trek, count on it!

Okay, speaking of....... I just checked the standings on The Shelter Challenge and we are STILL at number 10 in our state. We have until July 26th to git'er done, and since this blog is now international, there is absolutely NO reason that cannot happen.

Here's what we've done so far:

1. Everyone reading the blog clicks daily from all computers available (very important - you can click once a day on one computer, but if you have several in your office, use them! As long as they have a different IP address, you're cool)

2. Hopefully those who have clicked have called and/or e-mailed someone you know and given them instructions on how to help the shelter

3. The Straight Dopers and the Bike Journalists are onboard.

4. My friend Helga in Australia is gettin 'er done!

So a couple more things, please?

5. Ask that person you e-mail to do the same and e-mail someone else, and

6. Link to www.the animal in all your e-mails.

Here, for your convenience, is the link to the site once again:

The Animal Rescue Site

And my Alzheimer's thread on Straight Dope

the link for that is here. Some very intelligent questions are being asked, so take a look and if you have any of your own......well, you know what to do, right? ASK!!!! *S*

I shamelessly stole the following poem from, on which a poster shamelessly stole it from the Paulding Humane Society's website. We hereby admit unconditionally to our misdeed, and volunteer our services to help the animals for as long as both shall live. Amen. *S*

The Life of A Shelter Dog
By Augusta DeLisi

He was a typical dog abandoned all alone
never had a human he could call his own.
He was left on the streets and was beaten and hurt,
always had to dodge cars so he stayed very alert.

He dreamed of being loved and living in a caring place
with a kind, gentle human that would enjoy getting licked on the face.
One day a lady found him and brought him to the pound.
He was scared and frightened of all the barking dogs around.

He wagged his tail every time someone came by his kennel,
in a way to say "Pick me, I'm the dog for you"
but all the people just walked by,
he knew his dream would not come true.

He sat in his cage as the days passed him by.
Another day came, it was his turn to die.
The dog warden came with a leash held in hand.
She had tears in her eyes, he did not understand.

He walked up to greet her, his tail wagging fast.
Was as friendly as could be, despite his rough past.
As she walked him into a room he knew something was not right,
she told him she was sorry, then hugged him real tight.

He then looked at her with his trusting brown eyes,
because of careless people this dog had to die.
He would have made a wonderful friend.
Just another of God's gifts whose life had to end.

The dog wagged his tail as he walked through Heaven's gate.
He now had a home, He no longer had to wait.


And here's your song with a bit of trivia: Did you know Carole King wrote this tune for her dog?

Yep. I cried-ed! *S*

Love you guys!


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