Friday, May 29, 2009

"I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight"

Who said that?

Douglas MacArthur, right?


It was the 18th century US Naval captain John Paul Jones who said that, to a suggestion of surrender by the captain of the British vessel Serapis

Here's something else attributed to the Revolutionary war hero:

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way.".

Yeee-Haaw! Sounds like I might've liked to serve with this man.

"So what's this got to do with you, Bill? You're no John Paul Jones", you must be saying to yourselves.

Hell, I know that!

Some things in my life have and are changing pretty fast, and it made me look up that quote after I said the following words to myself;

"Well, it has been an interesting life, hasn't it? No one can ever say that Bill Craig never pushed the "envelope" to its fullest!"

Okay, as you're getting settled in for some interesting reading, let me update you on a few things:


Not getting any better, I'm afraid: mentally or physically.

To wit:

1. I found out I have an embedded kidney stone. That means it's sittin' there in the kidney and is making a little ass of itself by infecting me and causing me to spill blood into my urine. if it doesn't turn loose (not likely) it will have to be pulverized (lithotripsied) or they'll cut into me. We shall see.

Meantime I have to pee a lot, sometimes in a trickly slow stream, which burns like hell and I have to do it sitting down so that it will come out at all. (They make jokes about guys like me on Saturday Night Live - no kidding!)

2. I am retaining fluid on the right side of my body. Just the right side, the left is normal. Bloodwork's been done, just haven't heard back. Something like this could lead to CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), so let's hope it doesn't come to that.

3. I think I told y'all I was hearing voices, right? Well, that is still going on, but now we have the added entertainment of Bill hearing the phone ring when it really isn't, and answering it as if it had. I also find myself having conversations with what's going on on television.


1. Got some legal stuff coming up that I canot comment on at present, but rest assured I will have my "day in court", and in the words of The Stray Cats, "I'm gonna rock this town!"

Ummmm, I can tell you that this concerns nothing felonious, okay? Feel better now?

2. We're coming into the "home stretch" with my SSDI (Social Security Disablity Income), and I hope to know something in a month. Please keep your fingers crossed that at that time I will still be able to enjoy using the money!

3. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. I'm getting married tomorrow.

Sorry I've been MIA for a while, but please remember the animals, and remember to feed to click and then click to vote for Paulding Humane Society in the "20K Shelter Challenge".

Here's the button, for all my "Lazy-Butts"! *S*

The Animal Rescue Site

I love y'all. Hang in there with me, okay? I'm not going anywhere!!!!!!!!!




Timespanner said...

You're getting married? Seriously? Congratulations, Bill! Sorry 'bout the kidney stones/water retention thing, though. Keep hangin' in there.


Bill Craig said...

Yup, seriously, Lisa!

I feel like crap right now, so I need some horizontal time for the wedding tomorrow, but I will post pictures.



Margaret said...

Sorry about the kidney and water retention problems, Bill, but I hope this marriage starts a good streak for you.

Congratulations, and best wishes.

Hugs to you both,


P.S. I've been voting for Paulding Humane Society in Georgia every day, often twice (home and at work). I hope others do so that it can start rising on the list.

Bill Craig said...

Hey, me again.

I just took another look at that Stray Cats' video, and noticed the Mom dancing with her little toddler daughter!

Look at it again if you didn't catch it the first time.

Aren't they just the cutest little dance pair gettin' down widdit?



Bill Craig said...

Okay, I'm gonna comment on my own comment, 'cause I just cannot get that young Mom dancing with her little girl out of my mind!

First of all, that video was recorded live in 1981. That was 28 years ago, right?

Okay, that Mom looked like she may have been, what - 22? Which would make her 50 (or thereabouts) now.

Let's say that little girl was ....5? Which would make her 33 today probably with little ones of her own.

So I got to thinkin': For a Mom to take her little one out on the dance floor like that, and have so much fun holding her close and spinning around - they must have had such a wonderful relationship, and don't you think that relationship continues to this day - now with grandkids in the picture?

Little things like that make me feel good, and make me think about the people I notice.

Okay, back to your regularly-scheduled blog. Just had to share that with you! *S*


Howard said...

Congrats on the wedding, Bill!

Sorry to hear about the kidney stone. I have had two and passed them the usual way -- in great agony and with visits to the ER because of the debilitating pain. Oops, don't mean to alarm you. If they use the sonic blaster, you will fare much better.

And don't feel weird that you talk to your teevee. We ALL do that! Well, okay, I do, and my kids never let me forget it.

Have a great Saturday!

Bill Craig said...

Howard! Ya made my night, Dude! It's very good to hear from you!

D and I were going through some photographs which needed mounting (we're still old-fashioned that way) in an album and we found one of "The Three Amigos + One" and the autographed picture from my teammates wishing me well on my Ride in support of Spay, Neuter and Adopt.

So I introduced y'all to her, and she says she wants to meet you "in person" once I get back on the bike, so look for a visit maybe sometime next year.

(My cycling friend Howard is part of the Club Hypoxia team and we me in his home state of Colorado last year for a cycling event honoring He is also the unofficial king of the flat tire *S*).

It's 1:40 here and I am up with the pre-nuptial jitters (and the back pain too, of course),and that song from Camelot is pounding through my brain!

You know the one I mean, right Howard? *LOL*

"I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight"!

Thanks for the note and say hello please?


peacesojourner said...

Glad you are back home - I missed you!
Your condition sounds painful - hope it is resolved soon.
Congratulations on your wedding. May is a great month to get married - so many flower blossoms everywhere indicating that 'all is right with the world'
Bless you both.

Bill Craig said...

Thank you, peacesojourner! Now that I'm legally "hitched" again, I plan to continue my blog, my advocacy of more funding for AD Research and the continuation of my memoirs.

Installment 3 coming soon!


Jo said...

Happy, happy, wedding day to you and your bride! This makes me feel all nice inside and truly, it couldn't happen to a better guy. Big hugs to you and the bestest wishes in the world are on their way across the ocean to you both.
PS - hope the kidney stone doesn't give you tooo much pain on your wedding night. wink, win, nudge, nudge.

Bill Craig said...


You forgot, "Say no more, say no more!" :)

Thanks for the good wishes and keep it here for pictures and the play by play!