Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Nu?

Monday I had a consultation with my new doctor, a psycho-neurologist, Dr. Sathian, MD, PhD, and he put me through some mental exercises like drawing the face of a clock, those interlocking pentagons which I can never reproduce (guess I must be a "left-brain" kinda guy) and several other things.

I will be honest with you and tell you that among the questions I got wrong were: the date and month (I thought it was still March), the season and the floor I was on. I can't walk heel to toe very well without losing my balance, and I couldn't remember one of my meds.

But I can walk and quack like a duck (neither of which he wanted me to do - if he had, I could have done such a great duck, I think he would have had me admitted and I would not be writing this right now.) I do a great duck!

So what's next? The neuro-psych testing. On April 16th. It would have been great if we could have done it ALL yesterday, but I think he wanted to meet me first and see how much of a whack-job I am, before he ordered it.

In the meantime, I have someone coming by to re-stage my apartment so that I can find things again. Her company is called "Chaos to Comfort", and I found her on the net. This is also something my EOAD counsellor Suzette has recommended. Like my Dad at this age(59), I also have problems misplacing things, and I go a little nutso because only minutes will have passed between laying something down and trying to find it again.

I lose my debit/check card at least twice a year, and I know it's gotta be here in the "Hell-Hole", because once I notice it missing I check my account and no one's chared anything to it but me!

I just hope she doesn't make me pack up my guitars! :)

Here's a song for my friend Jo from Frankfurt, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during my last trip home to Germany. She was kind enough to take me on a walking tour of her city and I enjoyed our time together very much.

The song is in German, but the guy is singing about the frustrations of complicated instructions on opening products such as mustard, beer, and his girlfriend's bra. ;)

Even though some of you won't be able to understand it, I hope you enjoy it anyway. I love playing it and singing it for my friends when I am home.

Thanks for your visit!


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Jo said...

Bill, you are too kind! I haven't heard Mike Kruger in ages. If you like his style, you might enjoy Juergen von der Lippe. He has hilarious songs and is simply a really funny guy.
Thanks for the song dedication.