Thursday, April 30, 2009


Did that word give you a bit of trouble?

It's the word statistics re-invented by me.

I do that a lot. Make up words, I mean.

I think it's also a sign of my dementia, that I do.....

One day at work I couldn't think of the word disposable, so I came up with my own word: throw-a-way-able.

I wonder how many other Alzheimer's "sufferers" do this?

Here's a sufferer:

That guy's really "suffering", isn't he? You can tell, right?

But with Alzheimer's, it isn't so easy to tell, Kiddos!


Because we look and (sometimes) act "normal".

If you were to see me at the grocery store you'd say to yourself, "That guy sure is ugly. but he looks normal!"

Okay, okay. I didn't mean to give you remedial Alzheimer's Education, just needed to make that point, thank you>

What I mean by "Statistifications" is that I just wanted y'all to know that this site averages 57 hits a day and we've raised close to 50 bucks, just by y'all clicking on the ads! And that money goes where?

Right! To my local Humane Society and to Alzheimer's Research!

(Sorry, I used to teach high school English and I have a tendency to "check" class by asking a question at the end of a sentence, so excuse me, please)

Since I can no longer take care of my patients, it gives me a sense of accomplishment to know that in just 6 months I have managed to reach so many of you, and gotten the word out that "Early Onset" is not an automatic death sentence!

It means we can still get turned around, dammit!

My friend Mike put it best when he said, "I hope I can stay in Early Onset forever." And Dear Reader, Mike is 72 years of age and writes like a MoFo! I absolutely love reading his words and he is such an inspiration!

So.... thanks for being here these past 6 months watching and reading about my deterioation, and stay tuned..... this is one wild ride!

Enjoy the song! Summer's on the way and I don't wanna see any bikini lines! *HA-HA*

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Mike said...

Hey Bill!!!

Nice to see you Bloggin agin! I love the picture you posted, I knew it wasn't a self portrait because it is my picture. Where did you get it?

Isn't it nice to be seen as normal and not be? Isn't it nice to continually field questions by those who know who say: "Listen to you, you can't have Alzheimer's!"

It is nice being treated as normal however, because those who know, or those who heard, can be so obtuse in their fumbling over us.

I like where I am at, if I have to have this crap (AD). Yes I want to stay functional in Early Stage just as long as I can.

Regards, Mike

Bill Craig said...

Hey Mike!

I got it from google images. Just put in a search for suffering cartoon, and the guy popped up, and I liked him, so I immortalized him on the blog.

But I doubt very seriously that he is a picture of my friend Mike.

I would like to see what my friend Mike looks like, though!

To answer your question: It bothers me a lot to have to constantly explain, and when I do -- WATCH THEIR EYES GLAZE OVER ! -

It's a lot like trying to educate people to "Spay, Neuter and Adopt".

They ACT like they're listening, but then you see those same people again. on the friggin internet with their goddam "free kittens" ads.....

Sorry. Got off an a tangent there, but I think people just don't WANT to hear negative things until those negative things happen to THEM.

I have been in the medical field for 15 years, and it is people in my field who are the most empathetic, because we are always consciously trying to find a way to help people.

Thanks for being my friend, Mike!