Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pot-Pourri, Hodge-Podge, Kit & Kaboodle and.... WHATEVER! :)

Just some knick-knacks today, y'all. Here goes:

1. I know that not everyone who reads my blog goes over to alz.org and clicks on the message boards, but there's some very intelligent folks over there and in addition to that our sense of humor is intact.

We were discussing politics and the fact that AD is getting short-changed in the financial assistance for research department, so I added the following "tongue in cheek" comment:

"All right then, HERE'S what we'll do:

1. Incorporate ourselves as a church or some other non-tax paying entity

2. Buy up some land. (Hell, I'd contribute to THAT!)

3. Colonize (we'd have our own doctors and nurses and get our meds sent from Canada - why should WE subsidize GM and the big banks? They don't wanna help US!)

4. Secede.

Alan, you can be in charge. I'll be your propaganda minister (I'm half German, remember?), Tom will be our Secretary of the Interior......

Who's with me on this?

I'm only HALF kiddin' y'all. There's a lot of us!

We'd open our own casino's, and use the winnings for research and AD drugs. A self-sufficient colony!

No! Don't cue the crickets!!!!!!

2. I have news (of a sort) about the "Write Oprah An E-mail To Do AnAD Show!" campaign:

Lisa, (one of our members) actually got through to a producer who told her they wanker do a show, they just don't know when. So we're "stepping" up the e-mails a bit and we're working on a "quasi-form" e-mail that everyone can click on which will have a space in the middle for your own Alzheimer's story. I'll let you know and maybe you can help us again?

3.Speaking of Oprah, I was checking with our Alzheimer's chapter and there isn't an AD telethon! I think there oughta be one, don't y'all?

Oprah would be good and who else? I was thinking Sir Paul (McCartney)..... Any other suggestions?

Remember? Adult content, right?

I need to figger out how to put smilies on this blog!




Beth said...

I love that joke!!

Jo said...

Hey Bill, hope your day went well. Thought about you a lot. Here is your gift. 109 pages of jokes on Toytown. Come spend some time with us, as the mix of English and German can be highly amusing. Enjoy! Jo


Bill Craig said...

Thanks Jo! You have NO idea how bad I wanna be in Deutschland right now.

It wasn't a good day in that I didn't get to take the test.

The new insurance hadn't taken effect yet, so they wanted 2K dollars.

I told them to "leck mich doch, Mensch!" and came back home. It will be re-sheduled.

Oh Gosh! I know Toytown! I checked in there once before when I wanted to move back home. I will check it out again!

Thanks for the thoughts and the hugs!

My thought and hugs levels are really low right now, so they are sorely needed.

Ich schicke sie Dir jetzt virtuell ein tausend mal zurück und in realität eine million mal!

Wünsch' Dir was, Süße!

(I hope I got all of that right!)