Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Paulding Humane Society

Although I cannot help in the physical way I once did (, this is a cause which is still very near and dear to my heart, so please - if you can - click on that ad box and/or send a donation via

It would mean a lot to me, personally, and you may be helping some little puppy or kitty to live and be adopted.

Please remember: "Spay, Neuter and Adopt"!

My love to all of you!



Anonymous said...

Hey Bill -- I'm a lurker at the Dope and grabbed your link and read your ENTIRE blog today. I can't imagine what you are going through and selfishly hope I never have to. I watched someone -- much older than you, like, actually elderly ; - ) -- go through this and I often wondered what she thought.

Thanks for sharing, hang in there, and enjoy all the moments you can.


Bill Craig said...

Oh, Gosh! The WHOLE damn THING?

Thank you, Sandy! Thank you VERY much!

At 2:07 am on April 11th, I'm sitting here just shaking my head because so many of you care about someone you've never even met.

I can only say "Thank You!"

You just made my day!