Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Not EVERYTHING Is A Damn Song, B"

Someone once told me that, and it kinda hurt, because being a musician, a sometimes-poet and story-teller I do tend to live with my "head in the clouds" and I like it up there!

During my short sky-diving phase I used to just marvel at how very quiet and peaceful it is during that short ride down, and, like an eagle, I wished I could have found a jet stream and stayed up there a while longer, just riding the wave.

That's what today's entry is all about: The Coming Down.

I came down last night. Hard.

But I landed, and you know what they say, right? "Any landing you can walk away from, is a good one"?

I had some help. has a 24-7 Help Line and I had to use it last night, because everything that's been going on with me lately just came rushing over me all at once, and I needed to grab onto someone. So I did.

I told y'all it was gonna be the good and the bad (and the ugly) on this blog, right? Isn't that in the disclaimer? :)

So anyway, I grabbed onto a little (a lot really) TLC, prioritized things a little, and woke up this morning with my head where it should be: On my neck and in the clouds. ;)

So thank you, Kathy, for "talking me down", thanks also to my friends who stayed with me online during that little SNAFU and thank YOU for staying with the blog.

Wasn't it Bette Davis who said, "Fasten your seatbelts its going to be a bumpy night!"?

I'm gonna change the last word of that quote to "ride", and thank you for ridin' along!

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