Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Mortality

Today I watched a History Channel program on Andre The Giant, a very famous wrestler who began his professional life at age 22 at 7 feet tall and 350 pounds.

A doctor examined him once and gave him the name of the disease he had. I can't recall the scientific name, but the generic name is "Gigantism".

What that means is, Andre would continue to grow (because of a growth-hormone gone awry), but at some time his bone structure would not be able to support his body, and he would die.

And he did. At age 44. Of congestive heart failure. His system just built up too much fluid, he could not get rid of it, it backed up into the lungs, put a strain on the heart, and there you go.

He knew at age 22 that he had already lived half of his life, but he didn't care, and this is why I am writing about Andre: He decided to live every day of his short life as if it were his last.

When I was younger, I collected things: music, guitars, books.. but now that I am facing my own "date with destiny" those things have lost their "importance", and right now it is the moment that is important.

Every moment as if it were my last one.

Enjoy this one, please. It is in my Top Ten favorite songs.......

I send my love!


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