Monday, April 13, 2009

My E-Mail/Letter To Newt Gingrich


Mr. Speaker, you may not remember me but I was in one of your classes at what was then known as West Georgia College.

Next I knew you as a political candidate and had you in my radio studio many times for interviews. I was always impressed with your intelligence and very positive outlook for our Country and have followed your career ever since the 70's.

I am writing you because I am now being treated for Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease and have volunteered to be an EOAD Advocate with my local AD chapter in Atlanta.

I first became aware last October that I was having memory issues, took a look at the 10 symptoms and was in every one of them. I am right now "jumping through all the hoops" in order to get my SSDI and from what I gather in speaking with fellow patients (and from reading your newsletter) I have a lot of jumping yet to do.

All of us on are unified in our efforts to get treatment and have some kind of dignified life left, but the common thread we all share is that even though one of us is diagnosed every 70 seconds, it seems that our government doesn't care about us, and some of our doctors (I see three) either don't care or don't have the education they need to understand our level of dementia.

I am also a Viet Nam Vet, but I don't believe our veterans are getting the help THEY need either.

It's a very sad situation and we are all very happy to have you on our team.



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Beth said...

I think it is well thought out, honest, heartfelt and insightful, in other words, it's you! Have a great day darlin' and remember who loves ya!

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, Hon. I 'member! ;)

Glad you're safe and sound back home and say Hi to Clark!