Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Have This "Thing" About Commitments

That means if I commit to someone or something, I like to see it through all the way, no matter what.

Sometimes I just really "don't feel like it", but even though it isn't like I gave my word, it's the same as to me.

I just walked in from my first-ever Alzheimer's Association meeting in Atlanta, and I told Suzette, my counselor that I would write tonight and tell her what I thought - was I glad I went?

I couldn't answer honestly then, because I'm just not a person who socializes much, and as I told Suzette, this was one of those times. I really had to make myself go, but I made a "commitment" and I needed to see it through.

So Suzette and Danelle (my other counselor?: Yes, I am glad I went, and I also enjoyed meeting Scott, a new EOAD friend.

He and I shared experiences including our frustrations that because neither he nor I look our age, and we can still reason and converse normally, people find it hard to believe we have Alzheimer's.

Remember that phrase I hate so much? The one I wrote about in one of my very first blog entries?

"Oh! I do THAT!" (When we're asked what kinds of symptoms we have)

Well, he has heard it too!

Other items on the agenda were a discussion of challenges, my biggest one being dragging my sorry ass out of bed these days, all the uncertainty, the lack of desire to do the things I used to enjoy so much (playing my guitars, riding my bicycle, helping the animals). The feeling just isn't there right now.

Hopefully, when things are a little more certain in my life (the neuro-psych testing next Monday morning, for instance) it will all come back.

Till then, "I'm not going anywhere"

Thanks, Suzette, Danelle, Scott and Shelley, it was a pleasure to meet you all!

Here's my favorite all-time "Im not going anywhere" song.


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