Sunday, February 15, 2009

He Got Soul Short Film Premiere is Coming UP!

Very excited about this little film which was partially shot at my hospital by some Savannah College film students last Summer.

The story line deals with a white televangelist who's a bit short on faith, has a heart attack and gets the heart of a black preacher.

Here's the website:

The reason I am excited about this project is because it was one I was involved in, on a small scale:

1. They needed some help with authenticity filming cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and since they were filming right outside my office, guess who just had to stick his nose in and tell them what they were doing wrong? Right!

2. And I have a small walk-on part as "Death" as the stretcher passes by me. (I had on black scrubs), another of my colleagues (also hospital staff) was dressed all in white, so she represented "Life".

Because I as "Death" walked into my office, it represented a lack of interest in this guy's soul, and because "Life" walked by on his right side, we decided that this would mean it wasn't "his time" yet and he'd survive the transplant.

It's a very sweet story and I hope you get to see it sometime. The film premieres Saturday, February 21st, 2009 in Atlanta, and hopefully soon right here in Dallas Georgia at our newly refurbished theater to benefit my favorite charity, The Paulding Humane Society.

Since they filmed in our community, they wanted to "give back", and so I suggested a showing of the film with ticket sales to benefit our animal shelter and humane society.

Things like this always "re-charge my batteries", as it were and I am very proud of these kids and what they created.

The film has already won one award in Hawaii and I hope it's on its way to win many more!

I guess there's a few grey cells still left in this ol' brain of mine, huh?

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by!


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