Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coupele Of Newsworthy Meetings

Thanks to Kris Bakowski in Athens for jogging my memory:

The first is March 8th at the State Capitol in Atlanta "Alzheimer's Day". Details are at (click on Georgia)

The second is here:

It is the Alzheimer's Public Policy Forum held in Washington DC, and it's a chance for AD paitients from all Congessional Districts to tell their stories. That's March 23-25th.

As far as news with me, there is none except getting the details of my 72 Hour EEG next Tuesday.

Supposed to begin to snow here tomorrow so I guess I'll "hole up" in "The Hell-Hole" (my apartment) and do the same old shit: nothing. Just disconnect the phone and read, I guess.

Have a great Sunday and week coming up.



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