Wednesday, February 11, 2009

72 Hour EEG: Day Two

I slept very poorly last night.

I am a very "active" sleeper anyway, and because I was afraid of pulling something loose, I stayed awake till almost 4 this morning, whatever sleep I did get was due to exhaustion.

Other than these headaches I have been getting since the lumbar puncture, I haven't had any "episodes" to push the red button for.

I hate not being able to take a shower, and have been "sponge-bathing" myself.

My head itches because I cannot wash my hair, and I swear it feels like there are fleas up there making themselves a home! :)

Speaking of itching (and a little off-topic), why is it that when guys don't know the answer to a question, we scratch our heads????? I have never seen a woman doing this, just us fellas. Weird, huh?

Tomorrow I intend to wrap up my little series of my responses to questions asked of EOAD patients at the 2008 Town Hall meetings put on by the Alzheimer's organization. I still want to do something in-depth about Alzheimer's In The Workplace, but don't know exactly where to go for statistics and stuff.

Thank you for continuing to read my blog. I hope it has been of some help.

See you tomorrow!


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Beth said...

Hang in there, Hon. Won't be long before you can strum your strings again ;)