Saturday, February 14, 2009

72 Hour EEG: Day Three and Happy Valentine's Day.......

........ to all of you following the blog, my friends on the Straight Dope, and my buds from
Yep, that's a rose sticking out the top of my bandaged, bandanna'd head. JUST FOR YOU!!!!!

I'm actually a day late (and a dollar short!) with this report as it is now Saturday morning in Dallas, Georgia, but I will recount Day Three as best I can now, because I felt like crap all day Thursday and did nothing but lie in bed and read.

Here's a couple of "events" from the 72 hour period that I shame-facedly told my doctor when I turned in the portable EEG monitor.

1. Forgot to change the batteries in the damn thing. (That's what all this is about, right?: Forgetting?) Luckily it kept running anyway and we didn't lose information.

2. Put a bag of garbage into the fritch (I know it's "fridge", but in memory of my late mother, who was German, I pronounce it FRITCH. ;)

3. Because of the limitations on my activity, I also forgot to take my AD meds, which manifested itself with a colossal headache.

On Friday those electrodes finally came off and boy! did that hurt! Not only tape residue, but "airplane" type glue and matted-up hair to deal with, not to mention the itchy beard. I was sooooo thankful to be able to wash my hair and take a normal shower!

Anyway it's over now and the EEG just needs to be read and a determination needs to be made that I don't have any evidence of weakened brain waves.

Next is the memory testing at Emory University's Geriatric Center.......
This is my final installment on my personal reactions to the questions posed to the attendees of the Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease Town Hall Meetings:

Response: "Exercise and mental exercise are very important. Reading is very important. Doing activities that now have to be written down and checked off is very important."

I love to read, and in my younger days I could retain what I read very well, but these days as soon as I put the book down (even if unfinished) I could not tell you what I read.

While I am reading I can discuss the book and the action, but after it's over, it's "Out of sight, out of mind", and I am very likely to buy the same book twice in the same month.

Exercise: I have to be honest and write that ever since my neurologist has been treating me for Early Onset, I haven't had much of a desire to get on my bike, and I used to cycle at least every other day for at least 2-3 hours. I think a big part of my lackadaisical attitude is due to the fact that there's no Alzheimer's support group in my area - no friend that's close enough who could act as a motivator for me.

And finally, the writing things down-part: Yep, been doing more and more of that lately, but then I get to feeling "competitive" with myself and say "You're just going to the super-market for 3-4 things. If you can't remember that short a list, then you might as well throw in the towel."
Well, guess what? I will forget at least one thing, and then beat myself up when I get home.
Guess I'm still in denial, huh?

Again, the entire report about Early Onset Alzheimer's is too important to "gloss over" and the report is available at for download, and I hope that if you have a loved one, or you, yourself are being treated for Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease you will at least take a look.

My thanks once again to Kris Bakowski for sending it to me.

Have a great Valentine's Day, and if you don't have a Valentine, you can have me! ;)




Maggie's Magic Pantry said...

Bill, that's the cutest Valentine I saw in a while!
That thing about going to the store and forgetting something when you only have 3-4 things to remember? I do that all the time. have done for years. Duh. Just have to laugh at myself and consider it a 'blonde' moment. My best wishes to you.

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, Maggie! Just wanted to show that I'm not ALWAYS a "Sad Sack"!

I do have my good days.

Have a great week!