Tuesday, February 10, 2009

72 Hour EEG Day One

Hey Everyone

Just got back from the neuro-guy's office where I got "wired". I have a diary I'm supposed to write stuff down in and a red button I'm supposed to push when there's a symptom. Can't bathe, can't ride my bike or do anything rhythmic like play my guitars or masturbate. (JOKE!)

I am not a happy camper, okay? Can you tell?

Thanks and I'll add more later.



Timespanner said...

Oh, you poor soul! You do look absolutely miserable, my friend. I'm so sorry. Heaps of sympathy from Auckland, okay?

Bill Craig said...

Thanks, Hon! Much appreciated. Stuff's already startin' to itch and it hasn't even been 12 hours yet! :(


Zyada said...

I had to do that last year. It's a royal pain, isn't it?

BTW, I just want to say that you are adorable! If I wasn't married and in another state, I'd grab you myself.

Margaret said...

Odd how a picture like that makes a woman want to hug you and make everything right. :) Take good care, Bill.


Bill Craig said...

Thanks very much y'all. I'm, over it now and I have a Valentine picture for you in the new blog entry!