Thursday, January 15, 2009

TIME OUT!!!!!!

Don't worry, it's not that kinda "time out"!

In yesterday's blog entry I wrote that as long as I keep busy with something, I tend not to dwell on what's going on with the dementia and stuff as much, and today my friend Peter (from Germany) e-mailed and reminded me that I said I was going to get him and his band (Time Out) some gigs for a short "tour" here in the Atlanta area, so I am working on that right now as well. I am fortunate that my son (Jason) is acquainted with some club owners and we're taking Time Out's DVD around to those clubs next week.

It will be a "Bill Craig Production" since I will be providing the plane tickets, food and accomodations, and basically "promoting" the "tour".

Here are a couple of youtube clips of Peter(bass & lead vocals), Hubert (1st lead guitar), Detlef (2nd lead and rhythm) and Guenter (drums) from a recent gig/concert in Rothenburg (my home town):

And that's my best friend Peter and his band - playing blues-rock mostly.....

Okay, in other news, this is my second day on the "MCT FUEL", which is emulcified medium chain triglycerides, and it has been in use mainly by body builders until recently, when Dr. Mary Newport, a neonatologist from St. Petersburg, FL, discovered another use for it, and here's a link to the clinical study she conducted with her husband, who also was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease:

As you can see, it seems to be helping Steve's memory, and from what I have been able to tell by using it myself for only two days (2 tablespoons twice daily), it's working on me as well! I can tell I am more "with it" mentally, and I also have a lot more energy.

Of course, at this point it's all very informal in that no claims are made about the MCT Fuel actually being a "cure" for AD, but I'm willing to try anything within reason.

My contact Suzette with the Alzheimer's Association will be helping with a series of articles I am planning for this blog called "Alzheimer Disease In The Workplace", so if there's anything anecdotal you'd like to share (confidentially, of course), please send me an e-mail at, thanks!

Till next time!



NinetyWt said...

Hey Bill!!

There is a club here called Time Out. Wouldn't it be fun to get the band to play there ??


~ 90

Bill Craig said...

Jesus, how did I miss this comment from my bestest friend ~90????

I already have the guys a gig, honey! Hope you and the main man can come and hear them!!!!!!!!!!!

God, I get so tired sometimes. Please forgive.

guy said...

I have often wondered how people who are caregivers deal with work and caregiving. The New York Public Advocate has a bill in place. Here's a link to it:

Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum