Monday, January 12, 2009

THIS Is "Normal"?

So what normal thing did I do today to keep myself "focused"?

Cleaned house.

In 10 minute increments.

In an earlier blog entry, I mentioned that lately when I clean, it is more of a frenzy than an organized, "orderly" kinda of thing.

So what I did was this:

Get out of bed, clean for 10 minutes, then lie down for 15 minutes; clean for 10, down for 15, etc........

I lasted about two hours, and there's more to come tomorrow.

Unorthodox? Yes, but it works for me, and the place looks better than it does when I use the "Tasmanian Devil" approach.

And of course there was music!

Admittedly, I cannot use this approach with other tasks (10 minutes CPR, 15 minutes sleep. etc.), but I believe it's a good exercise because it allows me to plan the next task. In short, a major paradigm shift for the "German Boy" (the neighbors called me that when we first moved to the US, and I guess it kinda stuck in my mind).

Gute Nacht, Boys and Girls. ;)


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