Monday, January 5, 2009

Stuttering Seems To Be Gone! :)

A bit of good news to share with y'all today: I seem to have stopped stuttering.

You know, I never really knew why it came back - I used to stutter as a child - and when I first began noticing it was a couple of months ago, and I have no idea if it was a progression of the AD, or a result of the Aricept which did not agree with me, and caused me to have dysphagia and terrible panic attacks, or if it just stopped on its own. I'm gonna blame it on the Aricept. (Or maybe I'll blame it on the Bossa Nova!) Just glad it's gone !

I cannot really tell you when it stopped, because I wasn't paying attention , but I suspect that when I was with Julian at Christmas, it had abated.

Here's some stuff off Web MD about stuttering and Alzheimer Disease:

I would like to thank some friends who have joined the blog for clicking on the ads, and those are my fellow Beethoven Fans over at . This is a forim dedicated to the great composer who is my personal favorite.

Also keeping tabs on "Where To Bud?" are the folks over at the Rick Steve's "Europe Through The Back Door" ( site. If it seems like I'm name-dropping, well, I am! These folks, along with all the other friends, have indicated an interest in me and Alzheimer Disease and I just wanted to thank them all for being here.

The other reason I'm doing it, is because I'm a bit of an "Attention-Whore".

But a "whore with a heart of gold", because I like it when y'all click on the ads that appear on the blog: it pays the site 2 cents for every click and I want that money to go to Alzheimer research and also to another of my causes: The Paulding Humane Society, to help with their medical fund.

Now, if you want to choose one or the other, that's fine. Just let me know in a comment, but if not, would it be okay to split the proceeds between the two very deserving organizations? Let me know either way, okay? Thanks!

Speaking of Alzheimer's, here's a link to 10 things to do to keep our minds sharp in 2009!
10 Tips for Keeping the Brain Sharp Into 2009

As always, thanks for reading and please let me know if you'd like me to address something special for you. This blog has been a great outlet for me, and I love writing it for y'all - so it's to my advantage to know what it takes to keep you reading!

Here's my favorite "stuttering song":

Special "Kudos" to the first person who can tell us (in the "Comments" section) the name of the next song indicated by the short introductory chords at the end of the song featured today!



About Jo said...

Ok, is that from "Tommy"? "Hear me, feel me, touch me" ? Gosh, don't know if that is the real name of the song, cause I am sooo bad with song names. I can sing it, but just dont know the name. Can I have a kudo anyway??? Please?

Bill Craig said...

"HEAL me"!

Kudos to my friend JO, for knowing that!

That is exactly right, Honey!

Way to go! Name your prize, mein Volltreffer!