Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Favorite Time Of Year

The Christkindl (Christmas) Markets are going on right now all over Germany, and especially in my beloved Rothenburg ob der Tauber

(Clicking on the highlighted text will take you to the webcams overlooking the town square)

I am a fan of Christmas and have been ever since I was a little boy. I love the traditions of a German Christmas: the markets, going to church on Christmas Eve, and on the return from the services, the exchange of gifts left under the tree by the "Christ Child".

Yes, there is a Saint Nickolaus but it is the Christ-Child who brings the gifts.

In a few hours from now, I'll be heading for home to be with family and friends for a "Pre-Christmas" vacation.

I still have not decided what to tell my friends (my uncle will not be told), but I have this damn bracelet on my right wrist. Take it off when I get there, or leave it alone until someone notices, and then what?

Jesus H, what a dilemma!

Guess I'll just "play it by ear". ;)

Some flyin' music:

Thanks and a whole lotta love!



Anonymous said...

Great blog! I found the link through the SDMB (I'm Purple Haze) and I've really enjoyed reading so far. You are a good writer. Have fun on your vacation to Germany, and be sure to blog about your many adventures (and mis-adventures).

Bill Craig said...

Thanks for visiting, Purple Haze. I am writing from Rothenburg, and will create a new entry directly.