Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The "Misunderstood" Snowball........

...... can turn into an avalanche in a heartbeat as it gathers momentum.

What began as an innocent "Devil's Advocate" question on The Straight Dope turned ugly very quickly last night.

Rather than write everything from my point of view, I prefer to link you to the debacle so that you may read for yourself what happened. This blog is about what's going on with me and I want it to reflect EVERYTHING in my life, "warts and all". Else, what's the point?

Here you go, and the shit hits the fan at post #12

What is so frightening about that whole episode is that I was so sure I was right that I would have defended my position with whatever it took.

What else is frightening is that this was an example of dementia, but it was seen as stupidity, and it saddens me that I apparently stepped on so many toes that my offer of letting another person evaluate the occurance (yes, she's a personal friend) was rejected, and it was suggested I ask for a suspension, so I agreed and suspended myself for an indefinite period of time.

The Straight Dope, just like has become a kind of lifeline for me, and I will miss it.

What's next? Me arguing that black is really white?

Scary shit, y'all.



My friend came by and we looked at what I had written, and I had indeed misunderstood the intent of the post, so I took myself off suspension and apologized and explained to my Doper friends what's going on with me, and many did not know.

All is now okay, but as I said earlier, I sure would have missed them.





Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

I read the SDMB post Bill. I'll say this. Calling kids any wierd name the parents should be shot at dawn. We had a case of that here in NZ recently. Ice Wolf knows all bout it she read me the article. Frank Zappa is wierd anyway but his kids didn't deserve to given sixties pop culture wierdness. Everyone had a point but..yeah it was the pit enough said. Don't sweat it Bill.

Hang in there

Timespanner said...

I put this down to a straight misunderstanding between all parties. Looks like it's all sorted now, with everyone realising just what was being said and why -- you are liked there, Bill. Please don't feel uncomfortable or out of place or like you have to walk on glass all the time.

I think the couple who are fans of the Aryan Nation stuff named their kids like that (a) because they're into that stuff, and it mirrors their beliefs, and (b) to get attention through shocking the rest of us sheep. Frank Zappa did the odd child-naming because of the first reason, yes -- I don't think, however, he meant to be as much of a blatantly philosophical troll as the couple who are the subject of that thread's OP. His intent would have been to be different, away from the mainstream -- the couple seem to just want to shock, and get in all the newspapers for attention for their cause.

Just my thruppence-worth.

Bill Craig said...

Thanks Lisa,

Because I want to keep a daily record, as HONEST as possible, there will be some of this kind of stuff in the blog.

Maybe some doctor somewhere will see some kind of pattern, who knows?

Anyway, all is well on SDMB now, and I am very happy that it is, since all my CLOSE friends live so far away.....


bluecanary said...

Please don't get me wrong - My suggestion was made out of kindness, NOT because I wanted to see the back of you. I knew other people wouldn't be so equivocal (NinjaChick, for instance) and their words would probably be hurtful.

Bill Craig said...

For bluecanary:

Thank you for writing me and explaining that. I have to admit that this morning I felt really lost, but figured that the only way back "home" was to follow the thread till I came to the place where I made that "wrong turn" and fix things.

I am sorry I misinterpreted your intent and I am glad we were able to "mend this fence"!



Misty said...

Oh, Bill. I just found that thread, and my heart broke for you. I can't imagine what it must have been like for you in there. You have showed so much courage in fighting this thing, and I think that's really important. Don't give up! *hugs to you*


Bill Craig said...

For Misty

Hon, I ain't gonna give up, no way. Just need a new brain or have this one overhauled, cleaned and repaired.

Everything is fine between me and the SDMB kids again, and I'm just gonna have to watch my p's and q's!

First one to correctly tell me where the p's and q's phrase originated, gets 5 bucks sent to in his/her name.

Thanks for being here, y'all.


Beth said...

I am glad you did not leave the dope.. I'd miss ya!