Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Julian William Craig Loves Me!

And I love him. This is my 8 year old grandson, and he loves playing soccer.

Unfortunately, Julian, (like his Dad) is hyperactive and this is controlled with Ritalin, so that he stays focused and does well in school. We (his parents and my ex) also have to be very careful about his sugar intake.

Although he is a wonderful little boy, the drug he must take to control his hyperactivity also robs him of that "little boy" joy of living, and it's very rare that I see him smile and I have never heard him laugh. (I don't know how he would take to being tickled. What do y'all think? Should I try?)

In this entry I also wanted to ask your opinion about the blog in general. Is it okay? Are there things you would rather not read about? Am I whining too much? Should I stop the music? What improvements could I make?

This video is for my Julian, please be patient as it loads.




Timespanner said...

Your grandson is one fine looking lad, Bill. Sorry to hear he has hyperactivity problems.

As for your feedback request:
"Is it okay?" Yes.
"Are there things you would rather not read about?" No -- I come here because this blog is part of you, Bill.
"Am I whining too much?" No. tend to whine, you're venting. You're not anywhere near the "whining" stage.
"Should I stop the music?" Heck, no.
"What improvements could I make?" I can't think of anything at the moment. This is your patch of cyberspace. The choices are yours. I look forward reading what you have to say.

Bill Craig said...


I am sorry we live so far away from each other!

It seems that all my friends live in very remote areas, and I wonder if I "arranged" it that way, because here - locally - I have acquaintances, NOT "friends"


I think I may just have had a "breakthrough" of some kind?

As always, it so nice to hear from you, my FRIEND!


Timespanner said...

Right back atcha, my friend. :-)

Oh, and I missed out an "I" there, as in "I tend to whine." No one listens, though, so it gets stale after a while and I go back to blogging. ;-)

Ttom said...

Who in the world gave Julian such a happy face? He appears to be a vibrant young man with a clear head.

Have a good trip,

Later, Tom

Bill Craig said...

Tom T: You're my bestest friend! Thanks for those kind words about Julian! He really is my pride and joy!


Bill Craig said...

I really am a very lucky guy to have such great friends helping me through this! Lisa and Parthenogenetic (did I get it right?) in New Zealand, Andrew in Oz, Tom and Beth here in the States, and everyone who reads my blog. I am totally blessed with friends, and I am grateful.