Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guess Who's 59 Today?

Yes, those ARE The Beatles singing Happy Birthday to me! (And to you, if it's yours!)

And here are my boys again...... Be sure to catch my main drummer man Ringo coolin' it!

Love you guys!



Timespanner said...

Happy birthday, Bill.

Margaret said...

Heh. Cool videos. You must have some amazing connections. :P
Hope your birthday is a great one, Bill!

Bill Craig said...

Thanks you two! I don't know Margaret, but I sure do love my Lisa.

Wish you two were here.

It would be a lot less lonely birthday if you were.

New Year's Eve birthdays sucks without someone to snuggle up with.



skericheri said...

Bill---Sorry I'm late.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

About Jo said...

Happy Birthday one day late. Wish I would have known. Let us know ahead of time next year and plan a party for yourself. Wishing you all the very best in 2009! - Jo in FF

Bill Craig said...

Thanks to all for the good wishes! Back later.


Margaret said...

Margaret= MoodIndigo1 on the SDMB.
NYE was nice and quiet here too.