Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Well, what can I can I tell ya'?

As planned, Julian spent Sunday through Wednesday with me, and I had a great time spoiling him rotten even before we celebrated Christmas on Wednesday the 23rd. His grandmother (my ex) was also there, and we had fun with the film Polar Express which we stopped for gift exchanges at the point where Santa awarded the "first gift of Christmas" and then resumed.

Julian was the "gift-distributor" and we made some pictures - three of which are included here. I will post more at a later time.

Picture 1 is Bill and Julian playing a Christmas carol on the new kid-sized guitar he got from me and Santa.

Picture 2 is Julian with his stockie.

Picture 3 is "Bob". Bob is a knight metal sculpture I saw listed on Craig'sList and just had to have , so Bob is my present to myself.

One person was a no-show during this, my favorite time of year, but this was not totally unexpected since she took a hike (or should I say "left skid-marks?") when she found out about the Alzheimer Disease.

All in all, however, it was a good time with just a few instances of my mind taking a vacation. For instance, I had planned to go by the music store and pick up a DVD for Julian to take home to learn guitar, but I showed him a few chords, and plan to mail him the DVD later.

Let myself run out of medication, and had to chase down my PCP and have him call me some in.

Also, this is the month I have to renew my license plate and I have only 5 more days to do it before a penalty is assessed.

So, nothing really major, and nothing I need to beat myself up about.

I also heard from some friends on SDMB which was very nice of them to remember me at this time of year.

I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday and thank you as always for following the blog.


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