Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bill On The Drums (With Pictures) And Other Stuff

Dear Friends,

As y'all know, I recently sat in on drums during a concert featuring my friend Peter's band Time-Out, and here are a couple of photographs from that night. That's Peter in the middle with the Santa cap; to his right is Hubert - 1st lead guitar; to Peter's left is Detlef - 2nd lead guitar; way in the back is yours truly whom you cannot see because the seat is so low, but Guenther is the drummer who turned his sticks over to me. I included a picture from earlier that day so you could see me drumming. The song being played is "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

The "Other Stuff"

Suzette from the Atlanta chapter of the Alzheimer's Association called me back today (as I knew she would - first impressions are rarely wrong) and informed me that there is an organization called Professional Organizers who will come into one's home and/or office and re-arrange it to be more effective and less-cluttered.

I got in touch with Cheryl, of All Sorted Out, LLC in Marietta, Georgia who wrote me back and told me someone from the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers would be in touch. Isn't that great?

Okay, this service is not subsidized by the State or Medicare/Medicaid, so it would be an "out of pocket" expense, but one well worth it if they tailor the re-arrangement of the living environment to the needs of the client.

I will let this be a sort of "pilot program" with my situation as "guinea pig", and I will relate my experience - warts and all - right here on my blog. So if you have a loved one (or are a loved one) with an AD diagnosis, please bookmark my site, and I will keep you updated every step of the way.

I just think this is important. We already are dealing with this friggin' disease, let's give ourselves a break and not have to worry about where things are and focus instead on getting better.

Tomorrow let's discuss "DENIAL", okay?

Thanks for being here for me, and all of us!



Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Hey Bill. Just letting you know your blog means a lot to me. Sharing your journey is a brave thing to do. I'm a close friend of Timespanner. Got an email from her before seems you're having trouble with the comments. Blogger has been having some bad bugs right across the blogsphere. Your comment set up is the same as mine. Could be the server hard to know. Blogger has been a real problem last few months.
I'm going to do a post about your blog shortly. Email me if you want to comment that's fine the link is on the top of the sidebar there just in case anyone does have trouble with commenting.

You're an awesome guy Bill. Hang in there.

All the best

Bill Craig said...

Hi Liz!

Thanks so much for writing! I have been to your site and was very impressed.

You have pretty "chilluns", and I can tell y'all enjoy your lives to the fullest.

Liz, honey - it says "subscribe to a reader" in your contact details, and I did that, but I don't know how that subsctibe to reader thingie works!



Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Bill I'll email you direct then you can stay in contact. Not a worry. Nah don't worry about the feed burner feed here's the email
I'll email you anyway very shortly.

Don't sweat it or apologise. Thanks for the compliments. Contact you shortly

Take care there