Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5 Pounds Of Shit In A 3 Pound Bag

Hey Y'all

First of all hanks to Maggie and Valerie for being part of my "Nightmare", it's good to have you both along for the um..... RIDE! :)

Secondly, I am not sure what's causing the dehydration, weakness and sore legs, but I hope it's not the German beer I've been consuming, because I would hate to have to give that up.

Not only have I been feeling weak, the headaches and neck-ache is back, and all I have wanted to do is lie as still in the bed as possible. Also been having night sweats so what's up widdat??????

One more night here in Germany and then in the morning at 11:55 is my flight back to Atlanta.

Haven't missed any meds, so I am not really sure what's going on but the words up there in the title are very descriptive of how I am feeling. It may be the cold and wet weather I have been walking around in, which are affecting me, who knows?

Anyway, looking forward to coming home seeing my grandson and getting the "Hell-Hole" (otherwise known as my apartment) ready for the holidays.

Hope everything across the "Big Pond" is going well, and I appreciate y'all visiting my blog and caring about me.

Still hoping to be the first "Alzheimer's Comedian". Before it's all said and done, I oughta have plenty of material! ;)



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