Sunday, November 2, 2008

WHAT If........

........ we ONLY consumed foods and supplements (and meds, of course) that were found to be beneficial for AD Recovery? Do any of you do this already and to what degree and what are you eating/drinking? I know that certain foods are "brain foods", but I don't know what all of them are as they relate to AD.

In other "Bill News", I have been noticing an intermittent "tremor" in my voice. Not as bad as Katherine Hepburn's, but bad enough to where I notice it, and it is making me very self-conscious. Also on certain days, I notice problems with balance, and since I also have double vision, I have to be very careful on those days about riding my scooter which I bought to fight the gas prices.

Also Lithia Springs, Georgia has spring water which contains natural lithium, which has been found to be beneficial to some of us with AD. Here is the link, and I have no interest in the company. Just go and read and see what you think:

And this < is my way of handling what's coming up on Friday of this week!

Have a great week yourselves and thanks for your interest in my blog and especially for your help and empathy!



NinetyWt said...

Hey! Wishing you a smooth procedure on Friday. Cute jpg! I never did get to see that movie! I *did* have a spinal tap once, when I was about 6 or 7. I fell and hit my head; it gave me a concussion. They gave me a spinal tap to make sure I didn't have meningitis (for some odd reason. Oh well, it was 1966 or so).

Bill Craig said...

Hey ninetetywt!

It's good of you to visit my blog and thanks to you and your husband for the "smooth procedure" wishes!

It is nice that we know each other from a previous meeting and that you are taking an interest in my EOAD.

Thanks again!