Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Beginnings = Little Victories

Sometimes, when I do something "routine" or "normal", it makes me feel better.

For instance: Getting a haircut, trimming my nails, washing the car, changing the sheets on the bed, all of those things give me a feeling of "comfort" and a feeling of "accomplishment".

That doesn't seem like a "big deal" to someone who has a "normal" life, but for someone who has no idea what the new day will bring as far as how he feels, those "little victories" feel just fine, thank you.

Plans for this upcoming week include catching some sales for Christmas presents for my friends and family back home in Germany, doing some packing, maybe some cleaning, taking some old clothes to Goodwill, take some food to the animal shelter or maybe "none of the above".

Maybe I'll just immerse myself in Azeroth (World of Warcraft) with my warriors Esilem and Wolkenlaufer, and do some "Questing".

I find if I put too much pressure on myself to do a thing, it either doesn't get done or it gets done with a very bad attitude. I'd rather let it all happen spontaneously.

Whatever you have planned this week, be safe and stay healthy.


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