Monday, November 10, 2008

The "Mysterious Protein 14-3-3"

One of the vials of my spinal fluid is being examined for this protein.

Know what it is?

Would you believe MAD COW DISEASE!!!

Shortly before the procedure last Friday, I got a call from the lab in the hospital where I had it done, and was asked some very interesting questions, to whit:

1. Have you ever served in the military? YES

2. Ever been out of the country? YES

3. Where? GERMANY (my home)

4. Consume any meat products while there? YES

Okay, to explain number 4: Because of my rheumatoid/gouty arthritis I practice a "vegetarian" diet. I put that word in quotes because I am not a true vegetarian or vegan, because I allow myself to eat chicken and some fish/shellfish.

But when I go home to Germany (twice a year on the average), I do "fall off the wagon" so to speak (more like a running jump!), and go a little nuts on sausages and pork (Wienerschnitzel and pig knuckles - okay, okay - stop gaggin' already!), and even though the practice has been banned, I may have consumed some food products contaminated by the protein which causes Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis or as it is generally known "Mad Cow Disease" or just BSE.

If you'll remember, the disease began among animals who were fed other animals ground up in their main feed, which caused them to become infected with
prions, deadly "rogue proteins" that contain no DNA.

In its human form BSE can turn into vCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which although thankfully very rare, can kill in under a year.

Do you recall me writing that my neurologist is leaving "no stone unturned"? Well, he is exploring all the options, just as I am, and that is why he took so much of my spinal fluid, and that's why all the questions from the lab guy.

Do I think I have it? No I do not, because if I did, I'd be dead already. Instead I'm just "little ol' crazy me" trying to figure out why he's got CRS. (Can't Remember Shit!) But as my pal Tom T says, it's just one more thing it could be other than AD and he's right: It is a "lose-lose" situation.

That's it for this edition of my "Nightmare". Stay tuned and thanks for caring about me by following this blog.


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NinetyWt said...

That's great that they're testing for all kinds of things!