Thursday, November 13, 2008



I am so very fortunate to have some wonderful friends making this journey with me, and here are just three of them:

That's me with my grandson Julian at the Georgia Aquarium, next is my Grand Niece Madison born just this year, and the third picture is my Grand Nephew Matthew.I call them "The Nukes" (for "nuclear family"), and as I add entries to this blog, I invite you to send me a picture to add to my EOAD "FORCE".

I just wrote an e-mail to a friend in which I told her that heretofore seemingly insignificant things have suddenly become very important to me, and these "things" are "people". Wonderful people such as my EOAD buddy "Tom T" whom I met through the message board of, and whose comments you have read on this blog. Also my friend from "Down Under" who calls himself "The Loaded Dog", but who's real name is Andrew, and many others whom I hope to have you meet as we continue this journey into "uncharted territory".

It's great to have the support of my friends and family, and I know to treasure that.

More later.

Have a great day



Ttom said...


In an earlier post on the message board you had indicated that you had sent me an email, I t was not received by my damn machine. Please email me again at:

later dude


Bill Craig said...

New e-mail has been sent, Tom.


janis said...

I'm glad you have a good support system.

As for your Grandbabies, well, it ought to be against the law to be that cute!

Bill Craig said...

Thank you, Janis!

Yeah, they're a couple of cutie pies, for sure!