Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mixed Emotions, Etc.....

I don't know how I feel about this, but here's a site you may find helpful if you have a loved one with AD:

I probably need that time/date clock, but I'm not really too thrilled about the price. Right now I'm still fine looking at the bottom right hand corner of my computer, and sending myself reminders with my YAHOO account about appointments, work schedule, company coming, etc.

Had an episode this evening when I could not find my car keys, and I turned the place upside down till I was almost late for work. Last place I looked is where they were: they had fallen into my courier bag (my so-called "Man-Purse" :>)) when I laid them on top of it instead of on the kitchen table. I guess I need a better system, right? I'll make a sign that says CAR KEYS in big letters with a hook to hang them on.

I get a little nuts when I lose something like my keys or my glasses and I don't always stop and think "rationally" when that happens. I'll look in a few places, and then I'll convince myself that I did something stupid and left them in the car or in the door. Then I'll think that Bert (my cat) might have batted them off the table and played with them till he bats them under the couch (although he never has done anything like that), and then I get really stupid and think someone's come and taken them, because I sometimes don't lock the door when I come home.

If you're thinking "I bet he's a joy to live with", you don't know the half of it!:)

Woke up this afternoon with a "back of the head" headache, but nothing as incapacitating as I had after the spinal tap. This leads me to believe that possibly all my spinal fluid hasn't come back. I'll be seeing the neuro guy next Tuesday so we'll see what's new at that time.

Thanks as always for reading my blog!



Timespanner said...

I have the frantic "looking for the keys" thing more often than I should myself, Bill. In my case, it's just a matter of not leaving items like them (or my watch) in places where I usually leave them, and then doing the whole anxiety thing as I rip the place apart looking for them.

Big signs saying "Car Keys" may very well be a good idea. I could do with doing something like that around here, I think.

Bill Craig said...

Well, I know there should be a "Time Out and take a breath, Bill" pause, but when I am in a time crunch I just don't do that, so maybe gettting in the habit of hanging the keys ina certain spot is the way to go, Lisa.

I have also ben very lax about leaving my car lights on when I get in in the morning - my automatic turn off stopped working about 3 months ago, so I guess I need another sign in the car! :)

I hope you're doing well in NZ, Lisa. Are you excited about The Hobbit filming there again?



Timespanner said...

Yikes! Leaving the car-lights on would be particularly bad. Flat batteries, where there's no nearby help, can't be good. A checklist, maybe, posted up somewhere in the car? Then, of course, you'd have to have a habit of looking at the list ...

Tell you what I am looking forward to, kind of hobbit-wise: next year, I'm attending a national conference of historical societies in a place called Matamata. Not too far from Auckland. Anyway, they have Hobbiton there, where part of LOTR was filmed. A bit of a tour is part of the conference itinerary. I intend to take my camera down with me, so expect to see some shots if I don't get the shakes. :-)

Ttom said...


I'm not the one to give suggestions on not loosing things. I was hoping that you could help me. Gerry tells me that "together we make a half wit".

Later dude!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill, I stumbled upon your site via a link from Daily Dementia etc. My mom was diagnosed last year with AD, so I was doing some general websurfing on the subject. Your posts are so interesting to read and have lots of great information. thanks for pointing out that store - very cool stuff!