Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is This A Whine?

If so, can I have some cheese, please? :)

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to buy Christmas presents for my friends and Significant Other.

Those people who foolishly think of me as a friend and "put up" with me throughout the year always are thought of in special ways with gifts that are geared toward their interests, and it is just a thrill to see their happy "little kid" smiles when they open their presents. In short, it gives me a great deal of pleasure to look for and present them with gifts.

Because it is such a special activity of mine, it's a "throughout the year" activity and by the time the holidays are here, it's all done.

This year will be a bit different, because (are you ready for the whine?), I'll be on my own with no Significant Other.

I think the anti-depressants (I am on two: Welbutrin and Cymbalta) may help a bit, and it would help a lot if I had to work, but unfortunately it's my turn to have Christmas off.

Most of the time I'm pretty good at "sucking it up", but not at the holidays, and not with the AD and without her.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Other than going to Atlanta and getting laid, I mean! ;)

It's SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That means it's MY Friday, and I am off for three days.

Have a great week coming up!




Ttom said...

Hey Bill,

I don't know how it could be done but it would be nice if we could meet sometime during the holidays. You always have my phone number and I'll be waiting for your call.

Later buddy

PA- the word verification for this post is "imbat". The machine must know that I'm batty to!

Bill Craig said...


Thanks very much, but since I'm back at work on 12.26.08, I don't think it would work, because by the time I got there, it would be time to turn around and come back. Let's just stick to our plan to meet next Spring in Virginia.

To answer your other comment, I think that as long as you have Gerry you guys will be "double-wits". HA-HA!!!

Later, Dude


Anonymous said...

Hiya. Sounds like you need some things to keep you busy and occupied for the holiday? Also some things to pamper yourself with! Are there any books/DVDs/places you've always wanted to read/watch/visit but never had the time? Are there any local charities that need volunteers on any of the days? Big household projects that need doing? Complicated receipes that take lots of time to prepare/cook and taste really rewarding? How about phoning friends and relatives for catch-up chats? I hope some of these are helpful and that you have a good holiday.