Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home For The Holidays

Well, the PRE holidays, anyway.

Twice a year I manage to get home to Germany and visit my friends and family, and this time although I can't make it right at Christmas, I will be there for the start of the Christmas markets and festivities, and since I am a big fan of Christmas, it's my favorite time of year to visit. I'll be there from December 5th through the 11th.

Every one who hears me say that wants to know "why only for 6 days, Bill". It's because I don't go as a tourist and 6 days is long enough.

You know what they say about fish and visiting relatives right?

"The first few days are okay, but after a while it begins to stink."

This year is also a sad time to visit, since I have an uncle with lung cancer who isn't doing so well and this could very well be my last time to see him alive.

He will not be told of the AD, and I am wondering about telling my best friend. I know he would understand and empathize, but hell, it's Christmas and I don't feel like going over there and dropping the "Alzheimer's Bomb" and pooping on the party, as it were.

Something to think about.....

So did you watch the movie about Alzheimer's last night at 9? I had to work, and forgot to set the DVR, so I guess I'll have to catch it when it comes back around. I read the reviews and apparently Joanne Woodward and Richard Kiley were great in it.

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend. It's cold as well-digger's butt down here in Georgia!

Thanks for your visit!



Timespanner said...

Have a safe journey and a great early Christmas, Bill.

Ttom said...

Have a good visit and enjoy your family and friends in Germany. Please don't forget us slobs back here in this world.
Will there be any difficulties with taking your Namenda with you? My mail box will be enlarged to accept a cubit 2 foot box of Dimebon.


Bill Craig said...


Thanks for the good wishes and for following the blog! :)


Timespanner said...

My pleasure, Bill. As I said over at the SDMB -- this is a good way to keep up with how a good friend is doing up North. :-)

Feel free to call me Lisa on the blogs. I have my real name up on my own blog anyway.



Bill Craig said...

Tom T

You're one guy I could NEVER forget! ;)

The Namenda is my prescription so I don't foreseee any problems.

Regarding the Dimebon: I will research it and see what I can do, but I don't expect I can bring back any since it will more than likely have to be prescribed and I'll need to be some doctor's patient over there.

Have a great weekend, Buddy and talk to you next week!


Bill Craig said...


Guess I'm your friend from WAY up north, huh? :)

I signed on to follow your blog and you'll be pleased to know I still have your book, Heart of the Whau.



Timespanner said...

You still have the book, eh? That's cool, Bill. Thanks -- that means a lot.

And thanks for joining my blog's followers. Really neat seeing your name up there. 'Though, I just yammer on about Auckland history over there. Did a post about a bloke from Bremen back in the 19th century, though.