Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Hello Walls"

Remember that old Faron Young tune? Some of you are probably too young, but it's one of those "cry in your beer" old-time country tunes, about a guy who misses his loved one, so he winds up talking to inanimate objects such as the windows, ceiling and of course, the walls.

"Now why would he bring that up?", you may be asking yourselves.

Well, I am bringing that up because there was a time when I would have felt like that guy in the song, but now I can't even get up the energy to be angry at her anymore, and I am wondering about the significance of that?

Am I entering another stage of EOAD? The "I don't give a shit about anything anymore" stage?

I have noticed I am not as fastidious as I once was: don't clean my place as often, hate to even load the dishwasher, and on the days when I stay in, I'm likely just to give myself a "spongebath" rather than a complete shower. Same with shaving or even eating anything, and if I do eat something, it's not a "meal", but one of those tuna-paks.

There's very little on the internet about AD and broken-up romances, and because I have only my own feelings to measure, I will: A year ago, I would have done anything to get her to stay. Now? Meh.

Again: is it significant?

Your thoughts?

Have a great day and stay in touch. It's an intersting journey.


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