Monday, October 27, 2008

Namenda Side Effects

I am currently on my third week "loading dose" of Namenda, (that's 15 mgs a day) and although I was hopeful there would be none of the side effects of the Aricept, it appears that now I am experiencing the famous "flu-like" symptoms so many of those commercials warn us about.

It began Friday afternoon when I noticed a "stitch" in the center of my back. Not there continuously, but there when I'd move a certain way or sneeze.

"Pleurisy", I thought to myself, and prepared to "ride it out" with some Tylenol (which I already take for my arthritis). Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lining of the lungs (the pleura) and it usually goes away in a few days. I get it often when the weather gets cooler.

Having to work this weekend, I just thought I'd take things easy and just "brace" myself when I had to move that certain way or sneeze.


I awakened Saturday afternoon with a stiff neck, a headache, and sore leg joints, and felt like I'd just run a marathon with no training.

It got worse on Sunday, and now, with about an hour left before I get off from work, all I wanna do is go home and go to bed and sleep for a week. No fever, no chills, just a very sore and stiff body and headache. Nothing to do but let it run its course and take some thera-flu.

Hope you're doing well, wherever you are.



Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

I finally figured out how touse your blog. Sorry for having problems, they are all my problem. Seems like I have mental and sometimes visual blocks. My wife is fearful that I might have an occurance while driving.



Bill Craig said...

Dear Ttom,

Thanks for figuring it out, because I have to admit, I wasn't having a lot of luck on this end either.

Please keep in touch with me, okay?

The Holidays are coming up, and this will be my first time alone.

I am going to need some extra help, please.



Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your failed relationship. That has to be tough on top of the diagnosis.
Please tell me something about your background. I will read your blog to gleen some info also.