Monday, September 14, 2015

The "Sunshine Song" Takes On A Life Of Its Own


Since I never realized what a "hit" "If Sunshine Were Mine" would be, I am continuing its story with different versions from other countries, as suggested by my friend Peatle Jville from the aforementioned guitar site Chordie:

"I love the way people are having a go at your lyrics. I would like to see a International movement formed called
If Sunshine Were Mine. With all sorts of musicians giving their take on your lyrics to that song and putting them up on soundcloud. I have put my version up on soundcloud under Peatle Jville which I think is not that good but the best I could do so at the moment I place myself at third place getter.
So far three countries have submitted I would like to hear more from every where. Mo and Phill love your versions.
I hope more New Zealanders would give it ago as the Northern Hemisphere has got the lead at the moment.

And from my friends easybeat and Jandle
"........can we have some more versions of this song.
Peatle mojo & Phill so far have covered it, more please."

" guys are so awesome and what I am amazed at is the way one song or in this case one (poem) can be interpretedin so many different ways, styles. Great stuff. Bring on the ladies in here, What's your versions"


So with his version of my song (see link below), my new friend has issued a challenge to all countries whose citizens read this blog: Come up with your own version and allow me to post it here and let's let it be "The Little Love Song That Could" (for want of a better name).

The easy way to do it (and I am not spamming you, promise) is to join us over at and join up, then post your tune there and on Give me permission to use it here and I will do the rest.

Thanks as always for reading my doggerel and don't forget the song and to click and feed the animals. Both cost you nothing and one will make you feel good and the other may make you famous and feel good at the same time! lol


DISCLAIMER:Dear Fellow Musician.
Please be advised that this is not a competition.
It is merely a way for me to show my love to my wife
from all possible contries in the world. Again, you
are not competing and your only claim to fame
with the tune is within this blog.
I also reserve all copyrights to my version of the song only as of today 9.14.2015


And now here is Pete's version of "If Sunshine Were Mine":

"If Sunshine Were Mine"


LATE ADDITION : This version of the song comes to us from my good friend and new father-in-law Jim Kenyon. Jim outdid himself (and me!), with his spirited and happy version. Thanks, buddy!

****PLEASE COPY AND PASTE**** I can't make the link work.


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