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Mysterious Occurrences Within The Class of '68 of Villa Rica High School: From The Memoirs

Hello Again.

What I am about to relate really happened either during or shortly after in the years 1967 - 1968. I'll be changing names, but what happened will be true and without embellishment on my part.

I haven't explored it in detail because the people involved are either now dead or they aren't talking - meaning of course that they are either witnesses or had a close association with the event(s).

Event I: "Contagious" Appendicitis.

Yep, you read that correctly. I know that you know appendicitis can't be caught from another person or running water, but back in 1967-68, there was a strong suspicion that it was contagious and here is how it all went down: A student we'll call Randy took a drink of water between classes from a water fountain. He later complained of pain in the part of the body where the appendix lies. He also happened to have a fever.

No one ever doubted the etiology (cause) of the "appendicitis" had to come from the water, and soon my classmates (me included) were taken to the ER with our "own" appendicitis and were taken to the Operating Room for our "own" appendectomy.

Getting back to the cause for a moment: Who in the hell came up with "It's gotta be the water, Bubba. Gotta be!"?

The Doctors say: "Well, it's hurtin' in the right place, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, so let's jerk that thing out. NURSE! give this young man 75 of Demerol and 25 of Vistaril and get him into OR 3!!!"

What did he say? Demerol? Isn't that the drug that makes you feel good and stuff?

And there you have it: I wouldn't call it "mass hysteria" exactly, but to my knowledge no kid who presented with the "symptoms" was turned away and sent back home, including yours truly.

It might be prudent to let you know that except for once in college I have never partaken of an illegal drug.

Event II: MORE Mass Hysteria - "CATCH IT! CATCH IT! CAT..."

1968: Football Season and my high school was losing the game in the fourth quarter. It was the opponent's turn to kick off to us, and the band, after so many kick-off fumbles disgustedly started chanting, "Catch It! Catch It! Catch It" which soon turned into "Cat Shit! Cat Shit!, Cat Shit!" until everyone in the stands were chanting it. I'll bet some knees hit the floor in front of the altar that Sunday.


Event III, IV and V: "Sad But True"

I combined these three because there's nothing much to say about them except one was missing at last check and the other two are dead.

Not long after graduation our classmate we'll call "Dave" was busted in his apartment with a coffee table filled with any kind of drug you might want which would get you high. The rumor, and I have to emphasize it is only a rumor, is that Dave was "fronted" those drugs and since they were confiscated, the money to be collected disappeared. And that is why Dave is presumably hiding. I hope so anyway, he was a good kid, as I remember.

Another fellow student died on a ventilator after suffering a respiratory arrest. No cause of death was ever released, but Bobby was one of the smartest kids in our school and there was absolutely no reason for him to spend 4-5 years as a vegetable, being mechanically ventilated. Those were different times, however, with different was of thinking. Again, there were rumors, but let's let him rest in peace. He was another one of the good ones.

Finally, Theo blew his brains out with a shotgun, not long after graduation and getting married. There's only one (perhaps two) person(s) who know the full story and they ain't talkin', folks.

So that's it for this installment. It's been discovered that many of us who have dementia remember the "long-ago" things, but aren't too good at knowing what's going on in the present. I suppose this has been one example of the former.

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