Friday, September 18, 2015

A Poem And A Song

I'm keeping it short and sweet again today, but I did want to share with you a poem that my wife Dondra wrote in answer to "The Sunshine Song" which you heard in the last installment.

 She very rarely writes anymore so this is very special to me:

"The sunshine that you gave to me

Warmed my heart and soul

It chased away the shadows and then my life felt whole

Sunshine painted all the corners of my life

Surrounding me with comfort and taking away the strife

Sunshine, invisible, surrounding me, so warm

Swaddles me, comforts me and so I fear no harm

Reminding me of you and your selfless devotion

I'm fortunate to know a love that so transcends emotion

Your gift flowed gently in the room, grew into my heart

And took away the gloom.

I never knew you had the Sunshine

That it was saved for me

God leant to you the sunshine

And was pleased that you chose me.

Special gifts like Sunshine are so, so very rare

God trusted you with Sunshine

Because He knows how much you care"


Dondra Craig 9/16/2015


I've never ever had poetry written to me before, so this didn't only make my day. it made my whole LIFE. And while we are on the subject of my wife,, she is doing better and improving every day! She's up and around, yelling at me (just kidding) and driving short distances. I appreciate all your prayers, thoughts, voodoo or whatever it is you all did. She's had having a very rough time of it lately

By the way, because of her stroke she is no longer working and she misses it, but is getting used to it and getting used to being taking care of by me.


And just to keep things on a lighter side here's a song I found on SoundCloud for you. It kinda tells the story of my life lately. It is called "Short Attention Span" by the Andrew London Trio. Listen closely and enjoy!

"Short Attention Span"


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Romantisch....Sie liebt Dich sehr! Paß gut auf sie auf!