Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays

And may the New Year suck less than this one.

You don't need me to tell you that, do you? I mean: in 2014 the bad outweighed the good by at least 75% in my humble opinion. That's both in my life and the world in general.

Being that we're all human and have this strong desire to live and the wish and will to survive, we'll keep on "fighting the good fight" and try to help others as best we can. And I think that is just fine. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own problems so much that we forget our neighbor down the road facing a much worse fate than you or I.

But don't ever say or think, "Well, things can't get worse!" You say that or think it, you'll be surprised how quick things can go down the drain. Not telling you what to do, of course - just telling you to think healthy thoughts, not impossible ones.

Myself, I'm neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I am a REALIST!

Y'all know the definition of an optimist, don't ya?

An optimist is someone who thinks you can pick up a turd by the clean end!

Before I close out the year of my blog, I wanted to give you some good news.

You know the "Feed The Animals" icon at the bottom of the page I ask you to click whenever you visit me here? Every time you did, you helped some shelter pet get 1.5 bowls of food and so far in 2014 the total is 36.0 metric tons or 79,389 pounds. Thanks for clicking and please try to do it daily.


Thanks for visiting and see you next year! ======================================= ======================================= The Animal Rescue Site

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