Monday, May 27, 2013

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recently someone asked me, "What's your life like these days, Bill?" >Dementia, of course). I didn't have an answer then, but I think I do now........ It's like ordering a Coke, but what 
is brought to the table is iced tea, and you don't realize it until you take that first swallow. That is to say, I 
*never* know what I'm going to get till I experience a little of it. Then, I either make the best of it, or try to send
 it back. So far, I've never just accepted it. (Sounds like a "Gumpism" doesn't it?) And you can quote me on that. 


Old Friends

Nice to have "met up" with an old friend from Germany recently. We hadn't talked in many years. So many in fact 

that I thought she had passed away. Very nice to know she had not and we write one another now and then in e-

mails and talk about old times. The times I have no problems remembering.

Alzheimer's Advocacy

Has been neglected by me of late, due to scheduling conflicts with Dondra's work and doctor's appointments, but

today (5.1.13) I attended a business meeting of the Carroll County Senior Citizens' Organization, and plan to work

with them on an ongoing basis.

One very important issue I addressed was the "Sequester" and how it has affected the elderly here in Carroll/

Carroll County. 

What I took away from that meeting is that transportation to and from the Senior Center has been suspended, 

and at some point in the future there may be a transit system which will do more than just take folks to the 

Center and bring them back home. With a county as big as this, I'm surprised this isn't already going or at 

least in the works.

I was pleased to note that "Caregiver's Respite" is already  alive and well here, and money for this has already 

been provided. Some of you may remember that the respite and compensation for caregivers was the focus of  

mine and Dondra's visit to Washington D.C. recently. At last count, caregiver's hours numbered in the billions - all


One very important project I want to see initiated is getting me into the school system to talk to teens about

dementia. It has been a thorn in my side for a couple of years now - ever since I found out that virtually nothing

is being taught and most kids know only what they've heard, which is largely mythical.

My other project is our Veterans with Alzheimer's. There are some efforts stirring in that regard and I'll research

some stats for us, for the next entry here.



This song is by a German group I am helping to promote, "Copper Smoke": 

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