Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Rec Center Track, Me and A Story About "Junior"

The weather here in Georgia has been unseasonably warm, so, because there's really no way to ride a bicycle here in Carrollton without risking one's life, I've taken to the track to start my running program (and lose about 25 pounds of "holiday weight"!).

D doesn't trust me on the roads or sidewalks, so it's either the track or a treadmill, and since I don't have one of those, it's left-turn, left-turn, left-turn, which is okay with me for right now. If I run the marathon later in the year, however, I'll have to get some hill training somewhere. As far as the cycling, don't know. Maybe mount my bike on a trainer and cycle stationarily.

I'm doing this as a kind of experiment on myself. I've been very sedentary of late, which really has added to my depression, so I want to find out if the release of endorphins and the exercise will help not only that, but also the dementia. I've read up on this, and exercise is definitely supposed to help us folks. We shall see. I'll do a before and after kinda thing with memory too. I have a friend who's a psych major, and he's going to put together something for me.

"Endorphins" and "pheromones". I always get those two mixed up: one makes you feel a "natural high" from being released in your brain, and the other is what your body releases to lead you into a situation and make you feel really nice in another kind of way - nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Speaking of getting mixed up: Our track, covered in asphalt has regulation lanes (8), and there's a sign at the edge of one asking walkers to take the inside 2 lanes and runners the outside lanes. Okay, got it, Coach!

So, as I'm jogging merrily along, I suddenly forget where the instructions said I should be: inside or outside. That should be easy enough to remember, right? It's just 2 instructions. Problem is, though, sometimes I'll pass walkers who aren't where they're supposed to be, and that throws me off.

So, as I used to do in college, I made up a mnemonic (I had so many in school, that a former GF called me her "demonic mnemonic"): "wi-ro" (walkers inside, runners outside). That worked okay for about a half mile and then I forgot the frickin' mnemonic! "Is it "ri-wo or wi-ro,?", I asked myself. "This doesn't work either, dammit!"

So what did I do?

What I usually do: adapt, and thinking like that old King Solomon, put myself smack-dab in the middle, problem solved. Of course there is no problem when no one's on the track but yours truly.

So long Davy. Thanks for the music and the laughs. You'll be missed.


In a neighboring county (Douglas) someone shot and killed a 29 year old Palomino in his pasture. "Junior" was one of the family who owned him and was loved not only by them, but the surrounding neighbors and their children as well. Here's the story: I hope the authorities don't let this murder fade away because he's "just an animal".
The Animal Rescue Site



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