Friday, December 23, 2011

What Should I Wish For You This Season?

One sees so many argumentative discussions regarding all the traditional greetings this time of year, doesn't one? So I gave it some....errr.... thought and decided I would just wish all of you, no matter who or where you are: Peace....

And to go with my wish, I'll share with you a few selections of music which I find most restful. They're not necessarily considered "Christmas" music, but I hope you enjoy listening and get some comfort from them:

And last but not least, my personal favorite composer: The Maestro!!!

Thanks for remembering the animals, unwanted and hungry, with numbered days, and if you can, why not "opt to adopt" a companion from your shelter? I promise you'll get more love, devotion and fun than from any XBox, box of candy, or diamond, no matter how large.

The Animal Rescue Site

So at 5:23 am, from Carrollton, Georgia on the day before Christmas Eve, we wish for you a restful and peaceful weekend!

Bill and Dondra

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