Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Friend Marty......

....... isn't doing too well these days . As a matter of fact, he's in very poor health indeed, involving his heart and lungs, and he sure could use your thoughts and prayers.

If you followed my last bicycle ride for animal welfare, you may remember Marty Neese being a member of my crew, keeping my bike mechanically sound, navigating the way for me, and keeping me focused. He truly is a special person and deserving of all the good vibes he can get. Unfortunately he's not on the net (can't afford the monthly charge), so if you have a message for him, send it here in the comments and I'll print it out and take it to him.

About Marty: He is mine and Dondra's "Second Son" and our son Jason's "Brother".

Jason is with him as I write this, and today Marty had a cardiac catheterization, and what they found is very bad news.

He has a 10% ejection fraction, which means his ventricles are only functioning at 10% of their capacity. Very bad news for the lungs (he smokes 3 packs a day) and, of course, the heart. Dondra tells me 60% is normal and 25% is life-threatening.

He'll be sent home with a "Life Vest", a contraption which will shock his heart out of ventricular fibrillation (what happens just before full arrest), and some drugs which will hopefully bring his heart strength back into functioning as normally as possible.

To read more about Marty and the tragedies he's already faced in his young life, go to . Please pray for him, send him "good vibes and thoughts", meditate or whatever else you may do. to give him strength.

Thanks from all of us, Bill, Dondra, Jason. C2CR2C Team Members and dear friends, Becky and BillDL, and of course, our Marty.

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