Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Show And Tell

Not much to talk about, but this time I wanted to show you wherefrom (that is a new word I just made up! I could have used "from which", but I like "wherefrom". Tough if you don't like it, Mr. William Strunk and your Elements of Style  or the Harbrace Handbook (written by Messrs. Harcourt and Brace), but sometimes the rules just don't fit!

 Dondra and I were invited to a meeting to discuss how to best shape the services our Alzheimer's Assocation offers those families who have a need and how to reach out to them.

Because of Dondra's health and my inability to drive, we won't be able to make that meeting, but luckily, our Family Services Manager, Danelle Hubbard, has given us the opportunity to send a statement to be read aloud by our Suzette Binford, the Director of Family Support Services, and here (in part) is that statment:

"When I read Danelle's e-mail about the subject matter, I was pleased to note that in some

respects we have already begun: recently Dondra and I were very fortunate to be recipients

of in-home visits targeted specifically to both caregiver and patient, allowing for 2

(3 if you count my vacuuming and dusting like a demon just before Suzette's

simultaneous benefits: the saving of travel costs and providing "one on one" time

in the patient's and/or caregiver's environment.
There are other aspects to our fact-finding mission which I am sure our fellow advocates will address, but here are 2 of my

suggestions: Reaching out to the public via an intensive media campaign such as talk shows featuring the

question "Hey! The're starting to turn loose of some of this money. How do y'all  think it should be used?"

The other suggestion is to target the young: The high school students - those studying anatomy and/or physiology - and ask them : Does anyone have a family member with Alzheimer's? Are you assisting in caring for them, even
indirectly, such as taking care of a younger brother and/or sister? If so, how can we help you?

Because dementias are currently not on many Georgia curriculi, it would be up to us to provide the teaching, and I, being a patient, would like to volunteer for this."

So that's the "Tell" part of this blog entry.

Here is the "Show":

The first part of the room is where I play my guitar (or try to), and if you'll look behind, you'll see Dondra's art supplies and one or two of her works.

Yes, dammit! That's a sock on my music stand. Probably thrown there in frustration at my not being able to hit the B7 chord!

This other shot shows where I compose these blog entries.

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