Sunday, October 9, 2011

D Update 7

Dondra is in good spirits today, although she's still getting IV Heparin and all the drugs for her heart, and of course, the pain.

One thing we haven't discussed are the results of the complete pulmonary function test. Although she's never smoked or inhaled anything damaging to her lungs, she has reduced values in her FeV1 and Total Lung Capacity. (FeV1 is the amount of air that can be forcibly exhaled in one second, and total lung capacity is the amount of volume retained after a maximal inhalation). We don't know for sure yet if this is what's causing her pulmonary hypertension, so tomorrow's cath will hopefully shed some light on that mystery.

D says to thank our friend ninetywt for the phone call a couple of nights ago. That is something I forgot, so I apologize. Thanks also to our friends Becky from California, and BillDL from Scotland for the phone call.

We had family to come and visit last night, and the night before my bro' came to get me so I could go home, feed and water Bert and pick up some more things for the both of us.

All vitals are looking good today, and she's not as SOB (short of breath - the other SOB is me!) as she has been, so all in all, a very pleasant Sunday.

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and thanks to all of you for your concern, thoughts and prayers.

Bill and Dondra

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