Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr. Craig Goes To Washington

A couple of entries ago, I wrote I was being considered by the Georgia Alzheimer's Association for a scholarship to the Alzheimer's Advocacy Forum to be held in Washington, D.C. May 15th-17th: "The National Public Policy Office in Washington, D.C., has awarded you an $800.00 Scholarship and Complimentary Registration valued at $175.00, for the Advocacy Forum May 15-17, in Washington, DC. The Chapter also commits to provide an additional scholarship to bring your scholarship total up to a maximum of $1100."

I spoke on the phone with my counsellors Kathy and Suzette who gave me the good news Monday morning, and I wasn't able to wipe the smile off my face all day! To learn more about the forum and what will be discussed, just click on the title above and the link will take you to the forum web site.

The major purpose of the forum will be to educate 15 new congresspersons regarding Alzheimer's Related Dementia and the continued need of their support.

In addition to speaking with them, I will write an article for inclusion in the Georgia Alzheimer's Newsletter.

This is a great honor and opportunity for me to once again become involved in a cause I care about passionately.

Since my bike ride for the animals last year, I have missed community service very much, and to once again be able to use my journalistic abilities is very exciting indeed. Dondra will be accompanying me and is looking forward to the trip, meeting some new folks and just taking it easy, even if only for a few days. She has been working so hard at her part-time respiratory therapist job, and I know she's tired, but never complains. This shames me very much, seeing her working so hard while I cannot and I try to do as much as I can here at home.

Preparing for the forum and attending it will also go a long way to reassure her about my demeanor, which, as you all know is chemically controlled but doesn't do much against worry. For the past two years, we have had to bolster each other's hopes for a favorable outcome regarding my SSDI claim, which was handed down February 14th.

So it will be great to once again put on my "reporter's hat" and chronicle the forum for Alzheimer's Advocates as well as patients and their caregivers.

Once the article is written, I will provide an online link here and if any of you have any questions and/or issues you'd like me to bring up during the session, write me a note and I'll try to pass it along or ask it for you. I can't make any promises, however, since this will be my first time attending and I don't yet know how the meetings will be formatted.

D just reminded me of the fortune cookie I broke open last week: pulled out the little paper upon which was written, "Next week you will get a nice surprise."

That's it for now. Please remember the animals and click to feed!

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