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Mr. Craig Goes To Washington

A couple of entries ago, I wrote I was being considered by the Georgia Alzheimer's Association for a scholarship to the Alzheimer's Advocacy Forum to be held in Washington, D.C. May 15th-17th: "The National Public Policy Office in Washington, D.C., has awarded you an $800.00 Scholarship and Complimentary Registration valued at $175.00, for the Advocacy Forum May 15-17, in Washington, DC. The Chapter also commits to provide an additional scholarship to bring your scholarship total up to a maximum of $1100."

I spoke on the phone with my counsellors Kathy and Suzette who gave me the good news Monday morning, and I wasn't able to wipe the smile off my face all day! To learn more about the forum and what will be discussed, just click on the title above and the link will take you to the forum web site.

The major purpose of the forum will be to educate 15 new congresspersons regarding Alzheimer's Related Dementia and the continued need of their support.

In addition to…