Friday, May 7, 2010

Owwwwie! I Have Pinkeye!

I get this crap about once every 3 months, and if you've ever had it, you know what it feels like: hardly any tears on your conjunctiva (sounds kinda obscene, that, doesn't it? Like being in bed with 2 Latino girls who sing?) and you feel (or I do) sleepy all the time. Plus it itches and you're contagious, so if you mess up, rub your eyes and then shake hands with someone, you'd better tell 'em to go wash their hands or they're likely to get it, and like Herpes ("cold sores", yeah, right - gimme a break here, dude! You been "eatin' at the "Y" again!) they ain't gonna be your bestest friend for a while!

When I worked in the ER, if you had it, they wanted you to stay home. Period. No being a "hero", keep your ass at home.

For that reason (because the screen is hurting my eyes), I'm gonna keep it short and sweet this time, wish all you muthas (it's a joke, okay?) a very happy Mother's Day Sunday, and ask you, as I always do, not to forget the 4-footers, because they have Mommies too, right?

The Animal Rescue Site

Also please support, my upcoming ride for the animals. I sure would appreciate it, and especially if you'd link to us, thanks!

And have we done my favorite commercial yet? If so, here's a "rerun":

And how about a jazz "blast from the past"? Turn it up a little....


Stinky McStinkface :)

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