Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

A couple of days early, I know, but I wanted to go ahead and post this entry lest I forget.

You know, in the 17 years I worked at my hospital, not one Veteran's Holiday did my previous employer even acknowledge there were any veterans employed there. To my knowledge they still do not.

This needs to stop. We're in the process of fighting a war in two countries. Over 1,000 of our young have been killed so far, our veteran's benefit program is a shambles, hospitals badly need modernizing and renovating and there's no end in sight.

As you travel this Memorial Day weekend, and you see the flags out on the streets, highways and medians or as you display your own flags, please remember not only YOUR loved ones but those who may be standing on the side of the road or sitting on street corners holding up "Homeless, Need Work" signs.

When they gave of themselves, they didn't ask "What's in it for me?", they just did it, gave their all, and as the song goes, "Some GAVE All".

I think this is what may have driven them:

And not only humans can be veterans. We have military dogs serving in Iraq as we speak and one, Fluffy, was retired in 2003 with his handler under very special circumstances, and I urge you to read his story by clicking the title link above. It WILL move you, so be forewarned!

Fluffy, if he could, would remind you to feed his brother and sister 4-footers by clicking here
The Animal Rescue Site
, and he wishes you and yours a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.



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