Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How About A Little Comedy Tonight?

Had a bad day with the shrink today. For some reason he decided to turn hostile when I couldn't answer some questions as to whether I thought the Namenda (or the recently added Aricept) were helping me.

I was being as honest as possible when I told him I didn't know, because the short term memory loss is still a major problem, so if they were supposed to HELP that, then no.

He had written the refills scrips for both meds, and then proceeded to tear them up.

When I asked "what's going to happen if I suddenly stop taking them because I don't have refills he simply said, "I don't know", which to me meant "I don't care!"

So fuck it, let's have some laughs.

This is from the 80's, and is no longer really PC, but still funny as hell. Enjoy!

The Animal Rescue Site



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Margaret said...

That shrink doesn't sound right to me, Bill, can't you get another one? I don't like his attitude, he sounds burnt-out.

Still wiping tears off my face from that video, Bill, thanks!